The importance of one’s narrative is fundamental to my work with my clients. I bring an understanding of the ways in which our ethnicity, socio economic environment, gender and culture can impact us. Each can shape how we see and connect with ourselves and those around us.
I obtained my undergraduate in Organizational Leadership and Sociology at Fordham University and then subsequently my Masters in Social Work. In our work together we learn what it looks like to draw from your internal strength, identify your vision for your life and the ways in which external systems and experiences can act as barriers to this. The journey here is to tell your past story, learn your future story and manifest that using clinical tools that make most sense for you. As a Black woman native to the Bronx in NYC, I’m all too familiar with the above. In addition to my clinical training I aim to create an atmosphere of compassion, encouragement and understanding, to our work together, so you can become the most empowered version of you.

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