At 3 Roads, we believe that women experience a plethora of obstacles, triumphs, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are not always visible to the sun. As a woman owned and led mental health space, 3 Roads understands the nuances of a woman, the love, light, and the power of a woman. Because women are designed to be so strong, it is not unusual that the everyday hustle and bustle of what it takes to be who we are, distract us from acknowledging and appreciating the essence of who we are.

The stress of being everything to everyone and not enough to yourself has created emotional, mental and sometimes, physical struggles. Your self-esteem has been tainted and your light has been dimmed. What outlets do you have to just be yourself and to say what you want without feeling judged? What do you have left to pour into yourself after pouring into others?

We understand that although we may have similar anatomy, our processes are very much uniquely inclined to beautifully fit the mold that encompass our own specific universe. You are not alone in your journey of self-discovery and most importantly, journey to enlightenment. That's why through love, light, and acceptance, 3 Roads Therapy aims to inspire and motivate individuals and families by creating a space of neutrality, zen, and enhanced mental health growth in a safe place. We aim to manifest the most compelling mental health practice that cultivates self-efficacy and acceptance for all women by encouraging the self’s transition from simply existing to living and thriving in one’s fullest potential.

Here’s how it works! First schedule your free initial consultation to personally speak with one of our highly experienced and exceptionally spiritual clinical team. Discuss and divulge your wildest dreams for yourself. If you’re willing to put in the work, we’re willing to help you get there. Determine whether or not our clinician's individual styles and approaches mesh with your goals and your personality. From there, we will manifest a tailored roadmap (aka treatment plan) that speaks to your ideal self and life circumstance.
All that’s left then is for us to support you over the upcoming weeks and months with the implementation of that plan so that we can get you to living the life you love. Connect with our mental health space via phone or email to book your initial consultation and to get started on manifesting the most fulfilled life you can.

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