Hi! My name is Chastity Quave (pronounced Chas-ti-tea Kwave). My pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a Southern girl living in a Cali world! I’m thrilled that you’ve made the decision to improve your mental health and wellbeing!

Trauma. Depression. Grief. Anxiety. Burnout. Breakups. Debt. Discrimination. Substance Abuse.

For many, these experiences are not recognized as moments that gravely impact our mental health. Our lack of awareness and acknowledgement leaves these conditions untreated which contributes to our suffering. Most aren’t raised to prioritize mental health resulting in us being unequipped with the tools to relieve our pain in a healthy way.

I will meet you where you are. I provide individually curated sessions using current integrative processes to address your specific needs. I’ve found the best outcomes happen when my clients feel comfortable to talk with transparency. My approach is laid back and personable. I create a safe, nurturing therapeutic space where you can feel supported and empowered.

I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Social Work from Louisiana State University. Since, I have had the opportunity to treat a wide range of clients in a variety of settings, including individual therapy in private practice, addiction rehabilitation centers, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, intensive outpatient group treatment programs, and community mental health programs.

I am passionate about the therapeutic process and am deeply committed to helping each individual client access their greatest potential. I specialize in treatment for anxiety, depression, panic disorders, work-related stress, LGBTQ+ issues, trauma, race, relationships, and family dynamics. If you would like to discuss any of these issues, I can’t wait to talk with you and help you grow into your best, most peaceful self.

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"What a relief to discover that the aches I thought were mine alone are also felt by so many others” ― Rupi Kaur

There will be a variety of process groups addressing real life concerns that you may be going through with like minded individuals. More information coming soon!