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Have you found yourself completely blindsided by how anxious you feel lately? Like you heard about moms worrying about stuff, but not to this extent. Your anxiety feels like a never ending loop that you can't seem to get out of. You feel stuck. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with all the racing thoughts and what ifs. You’re trying so hard to create a life for your children that you're proud of but anxiety is getting in the way. In fact anxiety is seeping into your marriage and that's the last thing you ever wanted. You feel like anxiety is just another part of you now. But something tells me you're not going for that much longer.

You're tired of anxiety taking up too much space in your life and you're ready to find peace. I help moms detach anxiety from their identity and find peace. I specialize in maternal mental health and help moms just like you go from stuck to free. Think of me as a guide, getting in the ring with you, and providing effective tools to manage anxiety well.

There's more to life than "what ifs" and living on edge. As a mom, I know adjusting to motherhood is hard and as a Therapist I know there’s absolutely a better way to mom that doesn’t sacrifice your sanity. My practice is exclusively online for moms who live in Texas. Find out more at www.redefiningyoupllc.com and schedule your free consultation.

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