Everyone wants to be heard and everyone can benefit from regular routine therapy. For those of us who want to check in from time to time due to life stressors such as work life balance, family dynamics, or life coaching. To those of us that seek to resolve trauma or decrease symptoms associated with mental health diagnosis. Counseling is for us all and should be a regular part of one’s life experience.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) returning to private practice. In my previous practice I worked with couples women and adolescents. I obtained my Masters of Education (M.Ed) graduate degree in 2012 at Texas Southern University. I will utilize Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), Christian counseling and Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) modalities in my practice.

I believe counseling is for everyone and should be a regular part of our lives like an annual well check up. I will listen in sessions with compassion and respect. My goal is to help my clients navigate their lives towards wellness in peace and positivity while also decreasing the stigma associated with seeking counseling support.

Practice Details