I'm Colleen "cg" Jefferson, and I am excited to work with you! I'm a masters level License Professional Counselor (LPC), with almost 25 years of experience. I am culturally competent and well experienced with individuals, adults, teens and couples dynamics; including, but not limited too, communication barriers, ongoing stressors, adjustment concerns, financial difficulties and lack of intimacy.

I prefer to explore all options when tackling limitations, as in dreams and in life, nothing is impossible. I am patient, progressive, optimistic, realistic and practical. I believe everything in due time, some things can’t be rushed, especially when ones’ future hangs in the balance; you will reach their own conclusions, not mines, at the completion of the therapy. I utilize short-term (4-8) cognitive behavioral therapy, but will include other modalities, on a case by case bases.

Good energy, honest effort and trust are the building-blocks necessary to chip away at complications and the cornerstone to develop healthier alternatives and a flourishing beginning. I have worked with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, PTSD, TBI and deployment related concerns with service. In closing, I am eager to work with you and your family. You can reach me at my contact below, schedule accordingly. I attempt to respond expeditiously, nevertheless, do allow up to 48hrs for confirmation. I look forward to hearing from you and eager to work with you.

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