Centering Wholeness Counseling is a mental health practice dedicated to mental wellness among Black and Brown communities.

Centering Wholeness is an abolition-based therapy practice in Ohio and New York. We are focused on serving individuals impacted by incarceration, queer immigrants, and Black and adults of color. Centering Wholeness is about embracing our flaws, imperfections, bad decisions, and all the things that make us human.

You do not have to be perfect to be whole.
You do not have to be perfect to be loved.
You do not have to be perfect to be protected.

We offer various services to help you on your journey to wellness and a thriving life. We offer individual counseling sessions, couples counseling sessions. Our therapists are trained in internal family systems, trauma, client-centered and multicultural theories.

Our services are 100% virtual across New York and Ohio.
We approach therapy from a relational, anti-oppressive, and trauma-Informed perspective.

Common issues we work with people include shame, complicated family dynamics, identity confusion, anxiety, depression, immigration challenges, and rapid mood swings.

Therapy can help you:
Gain a deeper understanding of self and the impact of incarceration
Discover the lineage of trauma and its roots in your life
Center joy and pleasure in your life
Reconcile and mourn past mistakes/decisions and their impact
With accountability
Increase your capacity for self-compassion and self-worth

Check out our team photos (named in order):
Allison Aguilar, she/ her (NY) Spanish and English
Sherrie Lynn Lilley, she/ her (NY) English
Alice Mills Mai, she/her (NY & OH) English and Twi

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