Meaningful change can take place once we are able to acknowledge that change is needed. In my profession as a therapist, my goal is to help others achieve change, growth, and improved mental health in their lives.

It was during my own therapeutic experience many years ago where I learned the value of the journey to change and mental wellness. I would later decide to become an agent of change for others when I obtained my master’s in social work.

My passion is working with women to help them effectively manage their mental health. As a woman I understand the challenges with having several roles and the expectation of being perfect in each role. I assist my clients by empowering them to take their own journey of self-discovery that leads to learning, growing, and thriving.

My approach to the therapeutic process is person centered and focused as I believe clients are the experts of their own lives. My goal is to offer the support needed to facilitate the change and growth my clients seek.

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