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We are the largest Black-owned private practice in the country!
I bet you never thought you'd experience this level of stress and anxiety, yet here we are. Who could have predicted that we'd face a pandemic and trauma from the recent racial events? So many of us are having sleepless nights, fears of getting infected, or that our loved ones are at risk for infection. Being on social isolation is hard, too. Perhaps your children are home, and as summer begins, you dread the thought of trying to entertain them for another three months and who knows what the school year will look like in the Fall. Anxiety and stress will make you feel like you're losing it. It can hit out of nowhere, leaving you feeling powerless and out of control. You might find yourself feeling more irritable and perhaps doing things like drinking more to cope with all of the pressure. Well, you're not alone. Lots of ordinary people like you are struggling. No matter how hopeless things feel now, I can show you how to get past the anxiety, stress, and worry and how to start living a life that feels fulfilling. All services are virtual, meaning you can be seen from the comfort of your home using the internet. Give me a call and let's get your life back on track. You deserve a life where you feel in control and not one that you feel is controlling you.

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