There are so many messages that you’ve probably lived with growing up that don’t work for you anymore. Messages that make it hard to be present, to get things done, or make you feel like you're in "survival mode". Maybe you’re expected to move on from some hard times – or hard losses. Or maybe you’ve always had to be the “Perfect One”, the “Black Sheep” or the “Silent One” in your family. But there’s so much more to you than your struggles or the labels that have been placed on you. You don't have to live life feeling overwhelmed with negative thoughts, numbness, or expectations every day. You deserve to live authentically!

I’m a licensed mental health counselor in Florida. I’m also a cisgender Afro Caribbean woman, an INFJ, a mother, a sister a happy wife, and a member of the human race – just like you! More specifically, I am someone who lends an ear, perspective, encouragement, and support to those who feel alone in their pain. Especially to those who find counseling scary.

You should speak to a counselor who recognizes that there is tremendous beauty to the person you are already. Your blood is of rich ancestry, heritage, triumphs and identity. I already know you have all the tools you need to live more mindfully. Every now and then we may all just need the support to see it. Let's talk!

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