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My clinical approach is to work with you to figure out how you see yourself now, what you want to be different, and how you want to get there. I serve as a reflective surface for you; where you can come to a space set aside specifically for you, and consider yourself. I believe in supporting the entire person in all of who you are and exploring how the many pieces of you interact - whether to create the barriers that are in your way or to form the key that removes those barriers.
As a queer social worker, I have found that many LGBTQIA clients appreciate the base knowledge that we share when beginning our work together rather than feeling like they have to explain themselves. I also have experience supporting clients in polyamorous, kink-based, or monogamous relationship dynamics.
I am excited to support you in developing your own truth about who you are or want to be once you have some time and support to dig out the parts of your previous narrative which were voiced by others about you rather than by yourself. It makes sense if you feel that you're stuck or that the source of your stress is systemic. You still have hope for healing.

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