Self-discovery is a unique journey that we all take. Our experiences, intersectional identities and environments are constantly shaping who we are. This can be an exciting and challenging time in which we tend to engage in a reflective process as various questions arise. “Will I fit in here?” “Who is there to turn to for guidance?” “What does this experience mean for me?” Individual, couple and family therapy can be an integral part of working through challenges, all of which I fully embrace on the therapeutic journey.

I have a particular interest in career exploration, navigating college as a first generation college student, and searching for one’s identity. I also specialize in working with people with addiction, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Exploring early childhood experiences and how it impacts our existing relationships informs my work with clients. I offer a strength based, psychodynamic, and multicultural approach aimed at building self-efficacy and resiliency. Clients commonly express their gratitude for a non-judgmental space to open up and begin an honest self-examination process.

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