As far as anyone knows, you’re an Achiever. You seemingly function so well that others forget that you’re human and have problems, too. You’ve checked off a lot of boxes of success, but you often wonder why you’re not truly satisfied. You experience guilt for wanting something more out of life and relationships. It’s frustrating to experience anxiety that constantly makes you feel like you have to work really hard to keep things together. Add in the uncertainties and stress of an ongoing pandemic along with racial injustices, and you wonder how to gain longer-term relief.

You want a healthier, more wholesome life. One, where being connected to others does not mean that you have to abandon yourself or your needs. You’re looking for effective tools to manage everyday anxieties and emotional fatigue. You might also be looking to heal from wounds of unresolved traumas, impostor syndrome, and perfectionism. I get it. I also get how much you need a safe place to process these experiences while letting down the pressures to be “on” or to hold the weight of it all.

Not only do I have years of clinical experience to assist you with this, but I personally know the support it takes to get past stuck places like your well-being depends on it. I created my practice to make sure that there is more than enough space for you. As your Therapist, you can expect me to be warmly engaging, attentive, and direct. I offer video and phone sessions to all CA - Residents and College Students. Just visit my website or call to schedule!

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The MPI Cycle-Breaker Course and Group is A 12-week program designed to aid Black Women and Women of Color on how to disrupt and combat the cycles of MPI [Misattunement, Perfectionism, and Impostor Syndrome] that often leave them feeling stuck, doubtful, and unfulfilled; so that they can live more honest, integrated, and daring lives.