You’ve spent a lot of time being the version of yourself that you believe others have wanted, but it's exhausting. You’re tired of the overwhelm, anxiety, states of panic, feeling depressed, uninspired, or being unseen. You might also be trying to process big life questions that need honest reflections. As Black Women, we’re so much more than a struggle history. We deserve to be better understood. So, I know the value of being therapeutically cared for by someone who looks like you AND is effective at what they do.

Life doesn’t have to be so unfulfilling, not when there’s support to help you address unresolved traumas, relationship challenges, career questions, perfectionistic tendencies that disrupt your joy, and even impostor syndrome narratives that affect your confidence. I get it. With professional support, your desires on the inside can finally start to match your life on the outside.

As an EMDR Certified Therapist and Certified Enneagram Coach, I personally know the support it takes to get past stuck places like your well-being depends on it. I created my practice to make sure that there is more than enough space for you. As your Therapist, you can expect me to be warmly engaging, attentive, and direct. I offer video and phone sessions to all CA - Residents and College Students. Just visit my website or call to schedule!

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The MPI Cycle-Breaker Course and Group is A 12-week program designed to aid Black Women and Women of Color on how to disrupt and combat the cycles of MPI [Misattunement, Perfectionism, and Impostor Syndrome] that often leave them feeling stuck, doubtful, and unfulfilled; so that they can live more honest, integrated, and daring lives.