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Congratulations on taking the necessary steps to improving your overall mental health and well-being -especially during these difficult times. Who would've ever thought we would be in a global pandemic for this long! Nevertheless, the times of uncertainly is at an all time high. Have you felt like your your emotions are uncontrollable? Perhaps you have felt completely numb and unable to focus with the inability to get a grasp of what it is you would like to do with your life. Or, after taking care of others (child, spouse, sig.other or an ailing parent), you feel exhausted and depleted and you have no idea of who you are at times. Well, you've come to the right place.

For years, I've worked with men and women Veterans who have been displaced by homeless experiencing mental health challenges, having concerns with substance use and with traumatic experiences gain some sense or normalcy to their lives. This is led me on a path of working with individuals/groups which uses a holistic and integrative approach to becoming a WHOLE person again. I realize no (2) people are alike; however, my collaborative approach to wellness teaches individuals not only get a reprieve, but I position you to recalibrate and reconnect to the true gem you were designed to be.

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