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Welcome to Pieces to Peace Psychotherapy & Wellness!

Pieces to Peace is a therapy and wellness practice with Black wellness practitioners aiming to transform the mental health and general wellness of Black women, girls, femmes and non-binary people. We shift the narrative from a need for resilience and strength that is always forcibly labeled on us, to a space of open vulnerability, sensibility, authenticity and genuinity.

We are committed to anti-oppressive, trans-feminist practices that resist anti-Black racism to redefine and reclaim what wellness is for Black women and girls. At Pieces to Peace, we are passionate about providing an experience that allows our community members to truly feel cared for as they discover ways to care for themselves.

At Pieces to Peace, our therapists and practitioners value healing as a journey rather than a state of being, with all the sorrow, frustration, joy, love and calm that comes in creating a life of thriving. We hold space for discovering and rediscovering who you are, who you want to be and who you can be. We hold an ideal that recognizes that life is too short yet simultaneously too long to allow your yesterday to be your today, and your today to be your tomorrow.

Pieces to Peace is dedicated to all the Black women who struggle to find peace in this life. As Black therapists and wellness practitioners, we truly value discovering and living a life of peace. Whether it be from past hurt or present day struggles, together we work to find and put together these pieces of discovery, openness and freedom, to welcome, instill, and protect your own peace.

This practice serves as a safe space for Black women and femmes to access various wellness services, with the understanding that wellness is not one singular practice, but a combination of various purposes.

We deeply pride ourselves in walking alongside you on your journey as you discover your truest and most fulfilled you.

Our practitioners are ready to welcome you as you are, as you find and put together your pieces to peace.

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