Hi there and welcome! Finding the right therapist can feel overwhelming. I am happy you are here-- searching and open to start on your unique healing journey. Starting is the most important part. I'm curious if we'd be a good fit!

I lovingly say "I help Black folks do relationships better." Clinically in a nutshell, I empower clients to refine, deepen, and strengthen their communication, foster emotional intimacy with self and others, stop letting the moods of someone else dictate their own, and address cyclical relational patterns that feel hard to end.

Is any of this resonating? If so, rest assured you are in the right place!

My clinical specialties are: codependency, PTSD/CPTSD, breaking generational cycles, shadow work, emotional intimacy, nervous system regulation, chronic stress, mother-father-caregiver wound, postpartum, and couples therapy.

I practice primarily from a jungian, psychodynamic, black feminist—narrative framework. Beyond the clinical jargon what does this all mean? I fundamentally believe in the beautifully complicated nuances of childhood. Our childhood homes are the very universes that shape who we are, knit together our one-of-a-kind nervous systems, and crystalize essential neural pathways—it all really matters. I am fascinated with digging up + tracing the root systems of the beliefs, reactions, narratives, and self- definitions we hold close. I equip clients with unquenchable wonder and a deeply grounded understanding of who they are, where they have been, and how to get to where their hearts yet yearn to be.

If you’re interested in deepening your therapeutic work, learning + leaning into all parts of yourself—even the hard stuff, feeling better emotionally regulated and connected. Let’s connect! I am currently accepting new clients for virtual individual and couples work in the state of New York

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