I help emotionally exhausted millennials do relationships better!

are you ready to start naming, tracing, and addressing the patterns you keep saying you will?
stop allowing someone else’s mood to dictate yours? deepen emotional intimacy + communication with others?
stop feeling stuck when attempting to understand or center your needs?
begin breaking down what it means to “break generational curses” and actually start breaking them?

Rest assured you’re in the right place!

My clinical specialties are: codependency, trauma, complex trauma, breaking generational cycles, self-discovery, inner-child healing, shadow work, chronic stress, depression, postpartum, relationship stress + concerns, and couples therapy.

My practice was created with delicate intention to center and cultivate inner healing and wellness in black and brown folks and couples.In an often disempowering society, therapy can be a vehicle of liberation and empowerment. My goal is to open and hold intentional space for clients to (re) imagine the narratives that have gotten stuck within and re-author the radical possibilities they desire.

I am currently accepting new clients (in NY + IL) + hear me when I say: healing is possible. Let's get to work!

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