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I am Camilla Mason (she/her/hers), and I am passionate about transforming the lives of Black/African American women and people of color so that they can experience a higher quality of life. I am particularly interested in achieving this by changing how the body responds to and gets activated by triggers.

I work with clients who are struggling with painful childhood experiences and continue to be negatively impacted by those experiences on a daily basis; clients who struggle with viewing themselves as worthy or lovable; clients who have issues with identity, anxiety, unhealthy coping skills, emotional dysregulation, unhealthy interpersonal skills, or lack of the proper tools to find direction in life.

Historically, Black women are known to lack safe spaces for their unfiltered emotions and thoughts, with even their beauty being mocked, their hair treated with contempt. Their tears have been ignored, and their voices silenced through derision, mockery, and media-implicit stereotypes. I seek to create a space where Black women know that if they cry, their tears will not fall to the soil ignored. Rather, their tears will fall on fertile ground and we will grow them into something beautiful. This is what I desire for my clients: a safe space for their pain to be released so that they can experience healing and hope restored.

Black woman, your story is important. Your voice is important. You are important.

I felt called to this field at an early age. During my travels, I became painfully aware that around the globe, there is a gross disparity between the availability of and access to mental health care provided by people of color for people of color. A fiery passion ignited in me and I resolved to be the change I wish to see in the world.

I want to support you in making change that produces internal health and a hopeful future.

Therapy is transformative. By uncovering unrealized childhood trauma, you will open new doors to internal freedom through a deeper understanding of yourself, giving you the awareness and tools to heal and move forward. I have an eclectic approach to therapy, which means that I pull from a variety of approaches to best fit your needs. My primary modalities include person-centered theory, psychodynamic theory, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and faith-based/spiritual approaches.

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