I am an intuitive, arts-based, ancestral psychotherapist who specializes in anxiety, depression and intergenerational trauma.

Do you experience a constant and unyielding inner critic that points out every mistake and every flaw you have. Do you often feel like an imposter—not good enough and unqualified? Like you, my clients are people at the top of their class, leaders in their career, recognized creators, yet they feel unaccomplished and undeserving. They describe many moments feeling panicked and alone in their feelings. Their anxiety causes them to overextend themselves to get validation from others. They experience cycles of burnout and depression. They put their own needs last—every time. They find it hard to say no and practice healthy boundaries.

Ancestral psychotherapy supports Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+ to reconnect with their power, reimagine their sense of self worth, restore their ability to trust in their own inner wisdom and resource their ancestral resiliency. We explore past family, cultural and societal narratives that have influenced your behaviors, feelings, and beliefs.

This is not ordinary therapy! Sessions can include creativity, dream work, writing, mindfulness and more... Arts therapy allows for you to access and express feelings that may be hard to communicate verbally? This therapy is especially beneficial for processing anxiety by decreasing stress levels and simulating experiences similar to meditation. The sessions require NO ARTS EXPERIENCE! The supply list is simple and inexpensive. You can do the processes online in the comfort of your home.

Create a life of your own design!

In this therapy you are encouraged to be curious about your process so that you can be an active participant in your life with healthy boundaries and secure relationships. Many of my clients find that once they have the ability to self-regulate they can give back to themselves by nurturing their dreams and goals.

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