Hi! I’m Caira Schauer (she/her). I am a psychotherapy fellow at Roamers Therapy in Chicago, Illinois.


It’s okay not to have your life together all the time. Often, we convince ourselves that there is a linear path to our goals; we may find ourselves ruminating on the past or so apprehensive about our futures that we can begin to feel frozen and unable to live in the present. Our inner dialogue can brainwash us into believing there is something wrong with who we are and that we deserve to be alone. As your therapist, my goal is to hold space for these feelings and reassure you: it’s okay to not be okay; you are still worthy of healing.

Much of what I seek to do is support you in showing up as authentically as possible in your day-to-day life. I believe in the power of vulnerability as a tool to guide your healing process, and as such, I will strive to create a safe, collaborative space for you to process your experiences. Understanding the intersections of your identity is paramount to me, and I will always aim to educate myself where I can to better grasp your experiences within the various contexts you exist in. I look to working with you to best utilize your strengths and come to solutions together. I firmly believe that healing does not exist in a vacuum, and I value the power of community to foster growth.

My therapeutic approach centers around trauma-informed compassion and empathy as we engage with difficult emotions and situations. In sessions, I integrate methods from psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and strength-based therapies, as well as motivational interviewing, to meet you where you are. I look forward to building a supportive relationship with you and participating in your healing journey.

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