Butterfly Me - Butterfly You: Soaring through struggle.

We all are impacted by life experiences and could use the support from an impartial and nonjudgmental person to process with and talk to. Counseling assists with healing and overcoming obstacles, dealing with daily challenges, learning about our imperfect selves and finding healthy coping mechanisms.

My goal is to facilitate a therapeutic alliance by building rapport, being supportive, being down-to-earth & meeting you where you are but aiding you in getting to where you desire to be. "Ultimately the goal is to pull out those intrinsic motivators for change while acknowledging those extrinsic realities."

I provide professional and supportive therapeutic services that empower individuals to transform into their absolute best self. I am concerned about one’s psychological state and general well-being. If you think Butterfly Me Counseling & Wellness Services is the right fit for you, please contact us to start the process of setting your first appointment.

*Due to COVID-19, at this time I am only offering telehealth sessions*

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