Butterfly Effect Counseling nurtures and empowers clients to change their mindset, heart, self, and way of life.

BEC was founded in 2017 and our mission is committed to redefining your counseling experience, preparing you for personal growth, and transforming you into a better version of yourself.

Are you struggling with an unhealed trauma, drowning in depression, anxious about everything, having relationship issues, or are you getting calls from your child's school more frequently? If so, I can work with you, your partner, or child.

Therapy is about doing the work, healing those traumas, understanding yourself, finding clarity, discovering how to connect with your difficult child, reconnecting with your partner, and being aware of your individual needs. Clients like you, have tried to heal either alone, through prayer, substance abuse, and/or counseling. I am here ready to support your decision to embrace your season of change, through receiving play therapy, individual and/or couples counseling, which will involve us working together to prepare you for personal growth in your cocoon, developing, changing, and preparing you for your butterfly moment.

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