Hi! I’m Brittny--a devoted wife, mother, and therapist of 12+ years. I help people discover their needs, choices, and growth areas.

My practice is a safe space for people who are battling against negative thoughts, overwhelming emotions, and toxic relational patterns. It's for individuals whose past hurts, present stressors, and fears of the future are holding them hostage and sabotaging them from enjoying everyday life. It's for couples struggling to communicate their most vulnerable needs, desires, and dreams in their relationships. It's for anyone who's seeking new ways of BEING versus just DOING.

If this is your space, I've made room for you!

Consider me as your 'healing agent' who will serve to comfort, educate, and empower you in a collaborative healing process. With your commitment, you are capable of living a peaceful, joyful life because you can do hard things and have the power to CHOOSE paths toward positive change.

Ultimately, it is in relationships that we are able to learn, grow, and find true healing. Therefore, we'll explore hidden areas of your true self as you discover or maintain healthy interpersonal connections.

My overall approach to therapy may utilize holistic (mind-body-soul), person-centered, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral (thoughts, feelings, behaviors), systemic (cycles), structural (boundaries), and spiritually integrative techniques as appropriate to your specific needs and preferences.

Furthermore, we'll highlight your unique strengths, gifts, and abilities throughout treatment so you may continue to advocate for your own personal wellness.

Today, you can choose help and I am here to help you.

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