Welcome! My name is Brittney Richards (She/Her) and my life motto is what you allow is what will continue. I have always been so intrigued by love and relationships that I decided to ask questions about my own family of origin. Did I come from love? What were the relationships like in my family?

After struggling with my own anxieties because my search did not yield the answers, I had hoped for about love, relationships or family, I decided I wanted to learn more so I can begin healing that little voice that many of us have.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Washington State University. This is where I began to learn how people worked individually and societally. I learned about human development and how that connects with the mind. Shortly after, I went on to receive my Life Coaching Certification from the Life Purpose Institute followed by a Relationship Coaching Certification. Currently I am working towards receiving my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from North Central University where my knowledge has deepened and my desire to help others has expanded.

My life today is painted as a married fur mom but that little voice is still with me. What I have learned is I can allow that little voice to still hurt me or I can allow it to do good. I am human and there will be days when that little voice is loud, but I try my best to choose love and relationships that bring joy and happiness. Sometimes that choice is hard so my goal is create a judgement free zone where I will encourage you to do what feels right to you- mentally, physically and emotionally.

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