Are you tired of being the “strong friend”? The one that everyone knows they can depend on, and so rarely experiencing this in return. Are you struggling silently and maybe a bit confused about it all? Do you feel the need to constantly “do better” or “do more”? Even though deep down you know that you are doing so much already, yet for some reason, you continue to feel inadequate or out of place. Are you ready to heal a relationship? Do you feel that there may be a past trauma that is preventing you from your own healing? Are you navigating new life transitions? Are you ready to talk with someone about your depression or anxiety?
Sometimes we’ve experienced trauma in our lives without even realizing that what we’ve experienced can alter our lives so significantly. I know this was the case for me and certainly a part of what lead me to the field of mental health.
If you are looking for a therapist that emphasizes talk therapy along with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and helping each client to gain a better understanding of their own wants, needs and current dynamics, then you've found the right person. I constantly strive to be empathetic, direct, and work to ensure that all my clients feel comfortable and safe.

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