Baltimore, Maryland 21201, United States


We all have obstacles in life and we manage the best way we’re equipped to do so. For some, seeking help isn’t always an easy step. Perhaps the thought of depending on an additional person can bring on feelings of uncertainty due to past let downs.

You are not here by accident! Recognizing a need for change is the biggest step you can make, and one not a lot of people take. Give recognition for showing up for yourself and beginning the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

As a therapist, I consider the therapeutic relationship to be collaborative in nature and approach everyone with an aspect of realism. If you’re looking for a quick fix to adjust years of repeated habits without doing your part, then I may not be the therapist you’re looking for. I show up transparent and ready to assist you become the version of yourself you most desire.

Therapy does not have to be a loaded concept. There aren’t any prerequisites to best prepare you for sessions. A benefit of therapy is that you receive the support you need, not a cookie cutter interaction. My clinical approach is catered to best meet you where you currently are and where you project yourself to be. Rather it’s processing in sessions, homework assignments or coping skills for you to practice outside of our time together. I support you as best I can during your journey of growth.
My areas of focus are:
BIPOC Struggles
LGBTQIA+ Related Concerns
Relationship Struggles
Stress Management
Anxiety & Depression
Experience of loss + grief
Making quarter-life decisions
Managing low self-esteem
PTSD / Post Traumatic growth
Struggling with difficult transitions

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