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Seeking therapy does not mean that something is wrong with you. In fact, with the current uncertainties we are all navigating, a little additional support can be the dose of consistency you are searching for. Rather you are new to therapy and wondering what to talk about in a session or have intermittently done therapy, your therapeutic journey is catered to meet your wants and needs. Meaning, if you are searching for an unbiased place to talk about a dysfunctional relationship that you can’t yet shake, or explore communication and aspects of yourself or simply a safe place to discuss racial injustices that hit closer to home that others can’t understand, therapy can be the first step toward change.

As a clinician, I offer a safe environment for my clients/couples that allows them to embrace the journey their on without judgement. I view the therapeutic relationship as supportive, collaborative, and nurturing in nature. Along with support, I too offer a mixture of realism and hold you accountable for your commitment to therapeutic growth. I maintain an atmosphere where transparency and authenticity are consistently present and catered to the needs of each client. My areas of focus are:
BIPOC Struggles
LGBTQIA+ Related Concerns
Relationship Struggles
Stress Management
Anxiety & Depression
Experience of loss + grief
Making quarter-life decisions
Managing low self-esteem
PTSD / Post Traumatic growth
Struggling with difficult transitions

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