Hi, my name is Brittany and welcome to my profile!

I love working with womxn who are learning to be unapologetically themselves but who need just a little bit of help on that journey. You aren’t just a parent, a child, or someone’s “something”. You are a person in your own right and you deserve the time and energy to tend to yourself, your needs, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

As Black womxn, we are often taught to put our needs below the needs of others, to be strong and fierce in the face of adversity, to make a way where there isn’t one, and to stand on our own feet even when it seems impossible. In theory, that all sounds “noble” but, in practice, it’s hard as hell to maintain and it’s even harder to feel good about yourself even after you’ve checked some of those boxes. The price of this vision is anxiety, depression, feelings of worthless, and a slew of other issues. Faced with such a large burden and steep task, who’s strong for you when you just can’t anymore? Who’s making sure your needs are met when you just ain’t got it?

With therapy, you can drop some of that weight. I want to help you carve out at least an hour of your week where you can figure your own stuff out, cater to your own needs, and live for yourself. Whether you need to navigate friendships, relationships, and family pressures or if you just need time to discuss issues in your daily life, therapy can be that place for you.

I strive to provide clients with honesty, empathy, and grace as they navigate life’s challenges while learning how and what it means to be a person in this world. You will be afforded the space to be your authentic self while we work to gain insight on what brought you into therapy and take steps to foster the change you want to see. We’ll cover some rough stuff and it won’t always be easy, but I will be walking with you on this journey.

If you want to learn more about me and the type of services I offer or if you’re ready to get started, visit my website.

You got this! And even if you don’t, that’s just fine too.

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