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There comes a time in our human experience where life seems to come at us fast and cause imbalance. Often times, we struggle to regain that balance. We begin to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated. It may become difficult to express ourselves, maintain friendships, spend quality time with loved ones or do something as simple as getting a good night’s rest. It is during those times that we must summon the courage to seek professional help to navigate through those feelings in hopes of finding our balance.

I believe positive, healthy relationships have the power to heal. Through a collaborative and trusting therapeutic relationship, I will create a space for you to learn, heal, and grow into becoming your highest self and finding your balance.

I have experience working with young and wise adults on issues such as depression, anxiety, decision-making, problem-solving, establishing boundaries, and strengthening communication skills. I use various therapeutic techniques to meet the needs of each individual client. I look forward to witnessing your journey to mental wellness!

Visit www.EvolveForTheBeautiful.com to schedule your appointment!

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