You aren't feeling quite like yourself. You feel overwhelmed and overstimulated throughout the day. You are so much to everyone else that it often times is hard to remember who you are. You're constantly worried that something may happen to your baby or that you aren't doing enough as a mother. You knew motherhood would be hard but you didn't know the transition would come with so much anxiety or even depression. There are so many people around yet you feel alone in your experiences. You knew "adulting" would be different but you weren't expecting this much change in your relationships, your personality, or your goals.

Imagine being able to manage your intrusive thoughts where they don't impact your day with such intensity. Imagine feeling confident and comfortable in yourself, owning who you are and working towards who you want to be, learning to communicate your needs strengthening your relationship with yourself and others, and learning ways to manage stress or shame.

With advanced training in Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, I specialize in working with moms experiencing anxiety, depression, and the dynamics of the evolving relationship with themselves and others. I also work with women who are experiencing multiple transitions such as leaving home, college, and transitioning to more responsibilities.

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