Sometimes life does not seem to go how you would like it to. It may feel like everything is building up and you may explode into tears. Perhaps it seems as though the more you have going on the more you feel like not doing anything at all and when you aren’t doing anything you still feel like you should be doing something. Sometimes we find ourselves being overworked and underappreciated not only by other people around us but within ourselves as well.
I use a psychodynamic, person-centered approach in my therapy sessions so when participants come in, I like the environment to feel welcoming and open. You are free to communicate your thoughts and emotions the way you feel most comfortable. YOU guide the sessions. YOU guide your thoughts and actions. I am just here to assist you on the route to YOUR ideal self.
I recognize that every participant is different and comes from different backgrounds. I invite participants of all races and racial identities, countries of origin, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, and body sizes to reach out today if they are ready to have me assist on your route to your ideal self!

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