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My name is Brittani Kindle and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, born and raised in Chicago, IL. I identify with a few different communities that influence the reason why I do this work: Black woman, former foster youth, LGBTQ, a therapy-goer, and so many other beautiful identities that have taught me how to approach the world with empathy and gentle compassion.

The day I received my license, I felt honored to be able to spend the rest of my life helping other people feel less broken. I promise it’s the coolest job ever. Thank you for trusting me with it. I don’t take it lightly. I’m most excited to help contribute to generations of people of color who pass down legacies of healing and not just trauma.

My approach to therapy is simple. I am not here to fix you. Firstly, because I am not that talented or powerful, and I’d never claim to be. But most importantly, because there is nothing wrong with you that needs to be fixed. As a great clinician once told me, "Instead of asking people 'what's wrong with you?' We should be asking, 'what's happened to you?'" We cannot ignore how much strength it takes to get through all the trauma, losses, and stressors of everyday life. We are all just getting through it the best way we can, and we’re allowed to ask for help on how to navigate such a journey.

I work with clients ages 16+ and my specialties include:​
-Anyone who believes they are not a “fit” for therapy
-Black mental health and wellness
-Identity issues, including sexual and gender identity & ethnic and racial identity
-Mood disorders, such as depression
-Anxiety disorders
-Relationship challenges
-Body image
-Grief and loss
-Anger management
-Life transitions
-Professional and academic stressors, specifically for people of color

Please visit my website if you have any additional questions or would like more information about Meant For Me Therapy!

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