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The secret to successfully and happily dating as a single mom – especially when the world tells you you shouldn’t

“Single moms shouldn’t date until their kids are adults”
“Single moms should settle because they already have kids”
“Single moms should hide that they’re dating”
“The dating pool has pee in it, especially as a single mom”
“You shouldn’t introduce your kids to a potential partner until x months”
“Single moms should only focus on their kids”
“Single moms are lucky if they can find a partner”

Right? WRONG.

Dating is a prime opportunity to show your kids how to date, what healthy dating looks like, what healthy boundaries look like, and what healthy (and normal) breakups look like. Many kids don’t get that and have to figure it all out in adulthood (often the hard way).

There is nothing shameful about dating as a single mom. Nothing at all.

Your love life doesn’t suck because the dating pool sucks. It sucks because you haven’t let go of old baggage and keep projecting it onto potential partners (and the world).

Most of what you’re seeking in a relationship needs to come from yourself, otherwise you’ll only feel full with a partner (or not even feel full with a partner because they can’t be you).

Maybe you feel like “oh, I’m not ready to date yet” or “oh, I can figure it out on my own” or “there’s nothing that can change the fact that dating sucks. Maybe you think that being intentional about healing isn’t something you can do. Maybe you think it’s weird to actually dedicate time and energy into your love life. Maybe as a single mom you don’t think you have time for all that extraness.

And honestly, you’re right. Whatever you believe about yourself is your reality. And thanks to all the programming by society, we as single moms have been taught that we’re lucky to find someone who wants us and our kids, that we should just keep our heads down, focus on the money and the kid and that maybe a nice guy will fall from the sky for us, but probably not. And let’s not even talk about all the garbage we pick up after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship with a highly manipulative person. This mindset, it’s not your fault. And this mindset can absolutely change if you’re willing to open up to it.

You want that right? To just… be YOU.

To be you, being nurtured. When’s the last time you felt truly nurtured? Held? With no strings attached, just that safe feeling when you feel loved? You deserve to feel that love in abundance and overflow.

That's where I come in. If you read this far, you're probably a perfect fit (or you're here on behalf of someone who is). Here's how and where you can connect with me so we can work together for you to create the love life you desire:
Join my Facebook community for single moms. I'm in there every day, probably too often. I also go live weekly to give exclusive dating/love tips specifically for single moms. Go to http://bit.ly/smhil and join!

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