Have you been in a relationship with your grade school sweetheart, but you’re starting to grow apart? Are you looking at your partner and wondering “are we going to make it?” Or maybe you’ve recently broken up with your high school sweetheart and are feeling lost, wondering how you’ll be able to continue without someone you’ve spent so much of your life with…
When couples get to this point in their relationship it can feel devastating, like your life is being torn apart. Growing apart happens because the brain (and personality) isn’t formed until about age 25-27. So the person you were when you got with your sweetheart isn’t the person you are now. While you may have grown apart, you can still learn the matured version of your partner and fall in love all over again.

After 5 years as a healer, I specialize in couples therapy. Using simple, proven techniques, I help millennials and millennial couples navigate the beginnings, endings, and complexities of their long-term relationships. Yes, endings. I see individuals who just ended their first long-term relationships too.

Visit my website to book a consultation with me. Don’t put off counseling any longer. My services are private-pay only ($200-225). I do not take insurance. I have online availability Saturday from 2-7pm, and Monday and Thursday from 5-7pm.

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