Have you taken time to breathe today? If not, slow down. Searching for a therapist can be a daunting task.

For the young professional, it is easy to get caught in the rat race of life and work. In my practice, Meridian Wellness Platform, I specialize in taking a mindful and holistic approach to support Millennials as they learn how to create a space that provides them with an opportunity to become the person they want to be by doing less. Less stressing. Less worrying. Less comparing.

Meridian Wellness Platform is a completely web based provider, offering optimal privacy and convenience to fit into your busy schedule. Although I am based out of Raleigh, I am able to offer support to residents all across NC due to the virtual nature of the practice.

The goal of my practice is to provide support for minority, millennial professionals. I work with the "strong friends," who struggle with noticing their individual needs for support because everything looks great from the outside. It is my belief that you do not need a diagnosis to get the help that you need.

I offer free 15 minute consultation calls to all potential clients. Reach out today to get started on your journey to wellness!

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