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*ACCEPTING NEW ADULT CLIENTS, TELEHEALTH-ONLY. Clients can be located anywhere in California*

There are many reasons why we often feel as if we do not have a voice. Maybe we experienced a traumatic event that left us silenced and fearful. Maybe we were raised to not believe our thoughts and feelings mattered, and were not validated when we needed it the most. Maybe we felt guilt and shame due to having needs, and it left us in an endless cycle of people pleasing and not living for ourselves. And on top of the negative effects of white supremacy and it's crippling affects on Black women, maybe we feel that we were never given the chance to be able to talk about our hurt without others centering themselves. These examples, as well as so many other things going on in our lives, impact us greatly and make it easy to feel consistently triggered, hopeless, isolated, lonely, and just plain tired.

If any of the issues above resonated with you, you are not alone. Your voice is worth being heard.

As a therapist, my approach will depend on your needs and personal goals. I strive to listen, learn, validate in order to help identify your desired needs to heal and transform into who you want to be in life. I strive to make sure you are heard by the end of our time together.

As a therapist, I am especially passionate about:
*Working with adult survivors of childhood trauma and helping survivors become trauma-informed
*Working with Black women who have carried with them racial trauma and burdens placed by the constructs of white supremacy
*Working with people of the Christian faith after dealing with hurt and isolation that occurred within the Church; and
*Multiethnic/mixed adults who have racial trauma, as well as challenges in racial/ethnic identity

However, these passions are not exclusive, and all are welcome to see if I am an appropriate fit for their needs.

Please consider visiting my website for more information on the services I provide: https://brianagonzalez.tribesites.com/

*Therapy sessions are Telehealth-only. I am only able to see clients located in California. Clients can be in any city/location in California, not only Los Angeles*

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