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Why is there not an unsubscribe button for negative thoughts? Can we just cancel our subscription to self-doubt? Swipe left on limiting beliefs. Unfollow the things that make us feel like we aren’t good enough. And can somebody please shut that inner critic up?! Is there an app for that? How do we book a lifetime membership for self-confidence, joy, boundaries, healthy relationships, relaxation, work-life balance, inner peace, personal freedom, and stop having fear out missing out on our own lives? Challenge: subscribe to self-love, swipe right on self-compassion, and follow authenticity instead.

If you want to learn to be kind to yourself and just be comfortable in your own skin, I would love to work with you. I offer virtual, individual counseling sessions in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. My focus is on helping people achieve personal freedom and reclaim their lives by learning to set boundaries and speak up for themselves, healing anger and resentment, overcoming low self-esteem and self-limiting beliefs, releasing people-pleasing and untangling relationship issues, navigating identity, and finding balance in work and life roles. Together, we will explore the beliefs and patterns that get in your way and find strategies that work for you to help you show up to the life you truly deserve.

I believe that you are capable, worthy, deserving. I want you to believe that, too. And I want to help you cancel your subscription to any belief or pattern that makes you think less. If you're ready, connect with me. With gentle support, humor, and a little bit of sass, I'll help you take on the challenge of fully loving yourself. #youareworthy

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