At Soul Sprout Mindful Care, we are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve Mental Health. We believe that Mental Health is just as important as physical health, and we treat it as such. We are committed to providing therapeutic services including individual outpatient therapy, family outpatient therapy, and couples outpatient therapy. A therapist will work with you to develop a treatment plan, with interventions tailored specifically to your needs. We believe that you should be heard, and we take supporting you very seriously.

What has brought you to seek therapeutic services today? Perhaps you feel misunderstood when you try to connect with others, leaving you lonely and yearning for healthy relationships. Perhaps you are living with grief, causing you to feel both overwhelmed and numb. Perhaps you realize you are lacking in coping skills, resulting in intense feelings of sadness or anxiety. Perhaps you are unhappy with your decision-making and envision brighter future for yourself.

You have achieved the first step towards that brighter future by inquiring on mental health services. I offer therapy to support you towards the well-being goals you have set. I help you to analyze your motivations, typically by drawing from past experiences and current relationships. With this information, I am happy to use various therapeutic skills, such as role-play, mindfulness activities, problem-solving, relaxation techniques, and more. Our approach will be at my suggestion and your direction to ensure the utmost comfort and effectivity in our sessions. This will lead you to create a life you not only feel in control of, but proud of. My work can best serve people from latency aged to older adults- no one is exempt from the challenges in life that can leave you longing for a sense of peace and a more promising outlook.

I am a naturally curious individual that has always felt called to this helping profession. I rely on patience and a calm demeanor, partnered with an innate sense of playfulness, to help connect with my clients. I have experience working with youth/teens in the foster care system, youth/teens demonstrating behavioral issues, adults going through life changes, individuals living with trauma, and more. Contact me today via our website at (insert) and we’ll take the next steps in your journey together!

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