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Ever have a moment where you realize you've "lost" yourself? Ever desired to live a more fulfilling life of purpose and passion? Ever wanted to heal from past hurt or desired to have better relationships? You are in the right place to unpack the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that impact you from living the life you desire. My goal is to support you on that journey of discovery by helping you understand how each layer of self, no matter how painful or unpleasant, can be repurposed to ignite your divine power to live a fulfilling life. I am passionate about helping women access their power through self work.

I help women through an integrative approach, by blending elements from a variety of therapy modalities including Somatic, Mindfulness, and self-exploration. I believe healing is holistic and involves exploration of mind, body, and spirit. I focus, but not limited to support you in areas of trauma healing, relationships, and body and self-esteem.

You are capable of living the life you desire. It is my desire to equip you with the tools necessary to do so. You've taken the first step in finding me. Together we will work to increase your awareness of self, unpack hurt from trauma, build your esteem, and help you live your best life! You do not have to do this alone. Now, let's get started today.

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