Bowie, Maryland 20720, United States of America


"Show me all the parts of you that you do not love, so I know where to begin?" -Ava

Are you here because you're grappling with anger, anxiety, betrayal, hurt or constant uncertainty? You're not alone.

As you know, searching for a therapist is a process. Committing to growth, healing, and self-discovery, while courageous and necessary, may feel overwhelming.

Do you find you find yourself moving from one relationship to the next, or perhaps you have trouble creating a meaningful connection with a partner? Does it seem as if no one seems to "get" you? Are there moments when you feel disconnected and experience extreme loneliness and can't quite figure out why? How are you when it comes to self-discipline and self-care? How often are things going well in your life, yet you feel as if something is missing? You've come to the right place!

As a licensed therapist, I provide a confidential, protected, safe space for people struggling with the complicated and sometimes painful stages of "life."

Together we'll navigate complicated and sometimes painful life & love experiences with clarity and confidence. We'll tackle the process of establishing meaningful connections, learning how to restore love relationships, and answering the loaded question, "Who am I?"

I am an experienced telehealth provider and leverage a safe and secure platform to provide virtual services. In a secure virtual therapeutic environment, you'll be challenged, inspired, but most importantly, listened to.

Thank you for your for taking the first step towards healing. I'm excited to get to know you and listen to your story. To get started, give me a call or visit my website to schedule your free 20-minute meet and greet. Please review the information on insurance and billing before scheduling.

"It only takes one person to change your life -you." -Ruth Casey

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