Do you hate being touched by your partner? Do you feel misunderstood and now you are worried that your partner is starting to resent you? Ever since that awful event, do you feel distant or disconnected because you can’t get disturbing images out of your head? These are common reactions to awful or overwhelming experiences. The good news is that they can improve with the right support. I help young and not-so-young adults learn the skills they need to turn down the volume on overwhelming emotions and reconnect with their loved ones.

Awful events have a way of altering how we see think, how we feel, how we act, and how our bodies respond to the outside world. Together, we will pay careful attention to the unique ways that awful events have impacted you. Then, we'll use that information to co-create an individualized approach to heal in the ways you need to live the life you want.

I work hard to examine my worldview, and I welcome others highlighting my blindspots. Politically I tend to lean toward the progressive left; however, if you don't, I won't judge you. I promise. Are you ready to move forward? Do you have more questions? Either way, I'd love to hear from you. Please email, call, or visit my website to schedule today!

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