Brandie’s ideal client is an individual yearning for change; someone who may be currently hopeless but is motivated to make the changes they need. She believes that we all can live the life we dream of if we tap into the best parts of ourselves. She has worked with clients involved with the criminal justice system, juvenile court, and child welfare systems. Past clients have included those coping with homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, depression, anxiety, parenting issues, loss, grief, and domestic violence. She understands the impact of stress and wants her clients to be equipped to manage challenging situations without fear.
Brandie specializes in therapeutic approaches to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Brandie utilizes a relational approach which focuses on the role relationships play in shaping our daily experiences, attempts to help people understand patterns appearing in the thoughts and feelings they have toward themselves.
Brandie understands that individuals seek therapy for reasons including job loss, relationship matters, grief, trauma, and stress. She wants you to know that you are not alone and seeking help is a major accomplishment. She believes that you should celebrate this moment because it is the first step to fulfilling your goals and living the life that makes you happy.

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