First off I want to congratulate you on taking steps towards creating a more meaningful relationship with yourself through therapy. Understanding ourselves more deeply can feel scary, however having the awareness on how to move forward with any of life’s challenges can feel empowering. By building competency through self-awareness, we can restore our ability to move through experiences and relationships with a sense of confidence, self-regulation, and compassion. My ideal client is someone who is struggling to learn how to give back to themselves both intimately and emotionally. They have been so leaned into everything and everyone else that they have forgotten about the most important relationship, themselves. This might have led to a series of mis-steps, and survival strategies are just not working anymore. This client will be very self-sufficient, but emotionally lost. That's where I come in, I am not a "rake the leaves therapist", I am more a "dig up the roots" kind of girl. I am here to help you understand why you navigate life in the way you do, to provide you with alternative options that feel personal, dignified, and attuned. If you feel like you are ready to do the real work, let's get started!

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