My clients are Black women who have put a lot of effort into trying to figure out their lives both personally and professionally. They are told often that they are interesting, fun and brave but can’t seem to fit those or any other self-affirming words into their vocabulary when speaking about themselves. They worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. They spend a lot of time wondering if they should’ve said or done a thing differently. They struggle to turn off the wheel of negative self-talk in their heads and they are exhausted by trying not to let any of it show.

These women are also brilliant and special and curious. Everyone who loves them knows it and they themselves know it also…occasionally. If only they could keep themselves from making “bad” decisions. If only they could stop thinking about that lover that left them feeling hollowed out and brittle. If they could just figure out how to healthily manage the anxiety and fear about…everything. Carrying this kind of weight around every day with no one to talk through it with is isolating and scary.

By working alongside you through all of your intersecting identities and all the things you’re afraid to say out loud—we will figure out how your experiences have impacted your life, your thoughts and your view of the world around you. I offer a virtual, therapeutic space that is relaxed and rooted in mapping out a plan of healing and action that puts you in a position to thrive.

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