I was born and raised in Queens New York. I currently reside in Brooklyn. I’m not really a fan of the term African American because my lineage is a bit more complex than that. So I will say I’m an Afro-Native American and extremely proud of it.

My journey into this field wasn’t straight forward but I appreciate everything it taught me. I attended Queens Borough Community College where I earned an Associates Degree in Science with a concentration in Preforming Arts. During that time I wanted to have a career as a Music Therapist. But as single parent and life’s unpredictability it wasn’t possible at that time. Then I attended Long Island University Brooklyn and earned a Bachelors Degree In Psychology with a Minor In Sociology and Anthropology. Currently I’m pursing my Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Alfred University and will graduate June 2021.

Helping others has always been a passion of mine, I can remember as a child always being the one who tried to make you feel better when you were down. As I got older it manifested into always being a shoulder to cry on, someone you could call on at any time. I think our greatest strengths as people are love and compassion. I believe we all have the same underlying concerns and wishes. It’s helpful to have a listening ear, you never know who may need it. In communities of color there is a stigma attached to seeking therapy. We are taught what happens behind closed doors stays there and that God/Jesus is all the guidance we need. I experienced this within my own family when I decided to seek therapy. In most of my sessions I worked on fighting what that stigma did to me personally. I want to be someone that helps others breakthrough it as well. We are allowed to seek and ask for help from professionals, it doesn’t make you weak on the contrary it shows how strong and brave you truly are.

As women of color we have to walk a daily tight rope due to how society views us. We experience on a daily basis more than I could write. I have had my share of experience with racism. In my youth my reaction was sadness and anger. But as I grew and gained knowledge and learned it was more important to respect and love myself than to chisel my way through someone’s ignorance to prove I deserved to be treated with love and respect. When helping clients my strengths are in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Brain Training (EBT) and (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT (tapping). I am currently researching how to incorporate Holistic Psychotherapy as a treatment option as well. I am a New York Native raised by a single woman of color, being a single parent myself, as well as a survivor of abuse. Having experienced trials and tribulations as most of us have to contend with in this beautiful privilege called life. I truly understand.

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