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Hey girl! I'm Bradlisia, an intuitive and empath, and I provide therapy to black and brown women in Cali-forn-IA who feel confused, often and struggle to communicate in their close relationships.

If you are a 🗣🎶Brown Skin Girl🎶 who has always known you were special from a very young age, but your specialness was demonized, rejected, or misunderstood by the people closest to you growing up...and now you struggle to assert yourself in romantic relationships and friendships even though you know a special girl like you deserves a magical love and solid friends, I can relate and I definitely can help!

We need to talk about our plans to heal the "little you," re-teach people how to treat you and help you identify and accept better. You took some time off…but it’s game time sis!

Click "Email Me" and tell me a little about what's going on. I look forward to starting our therapy experience together. :)

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