Look, you have a plethora of Therapists to choose from on this site, and they’re all excellent-some of them I even trained. However, if you’re looking for a expert Trauma Specialist, I'm the one you call.

Thank you for considering BOSS Inner Child Counseling, LLC. I offer the highest quality of Services to meet your Counseling needs. I work specifically with traumatized Female Adults, and Teenagers.

BOSS Inner Child Counseling, LLC understands that Women and Teenage Girls have a story and a testimony of their life journey. There is no cure for PTSD, and It may seem hard to recover, but this BOSS Therapist knows you can, just like a BOSS!

BOSS Inner Child Counseling, LLC BOSS Therapist will assist you with a wide variety of problems facing Women. Please take this opportunity to explore the BOSS website if you are looking for Therapy for Women • (Teenager and Adult) Counseling • BOSS GIRL, LLC Teenage (ages 13-22) Group Therapy • Telehealth Services Offered

BOSS is currently providing Telehealth Therapy in which you can have Therapy in the Comfort of your home, and when the COVID-19 Pandemic is resolved, BOSS has an Office which is conveniently Located in the heart of Hampton, Virginia, where you will have easy access to public transportation, convenient parking, restaurants everywhere to eat after having a deep session, and of course we offer flexible scheduling.

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