At Pearl Therapy & Wellness, we prioritize holding space for those who are usually the one’s holding themselves, family and friends together.

Maybe you’ve been the one who “beat the odds” and now you find yourself tired, going through the motions or even uninspired. At times, you and the people around you, may look at all you have accomplished or what you have and make assumptions about who you are and what you have. This might lead to feelings of loneliness or worry at times trying to hold up the facade when in the quietest moments, you are unfulfilled.

Consider Pearl Therapy & Wellness a place to unpack and rediscover who you really are and the desires of your heart.

Each session is an opportunity to explore the meaning you’ve made of your life’s experiences. I approach therapy from a client centered perspective, that honors you as the expert in your life & experiences. Among many things, you may be encouraged to:
-explore how your thoughts may drive your behaviors
-notice the ways your brain, body & subtle energies may have been impacted by your experiences
-notice familial patterns

My goal is to help you reach your therapeutic goals and learn more about yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more and scheduling a consultation visit my website.

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