Maybe you tell yourself things like, “I’ve been through some things in my life, but everyone has, and that was a long time ago…plus I’m an adult now.” Yet, you find yourself feeling triggered in situations and can’t understand how something that happened so long ago keeps showing up in the present. Or maybe, you can’t figure out what’s triggering you at all. That’s okay. We’ll get to the root of it without having to retell the whole story. Let’s work together to get your thoughts, emotions, and body in alignment.

I’m Bianca, owner and psychotherapist at The Self Care Institute of Atlanta, LLC. I am trained in EMDR and clinical hypnotherapy. I provide holistic online therapy for adult women, throughout Georgia and Florida. If you’re ready to show up in your life in an authentic way while cultivating healthy, meaningful relationships, I invite you to schedule a free consultation or check out my website at www.selfcareatlanta.com.

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