I try to create a space that is comfortable, nonjudgmental, and conducive to the healing process. I have worked with a broad spectrum of people from all walks of life. I work best in the areas of anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, and adverse life events that continue to have a negative impact on a person's life.

My path to becoming a therapist was shaped by the adversities I experienced from death, loss, and other traumas. My road to healing gave me a deep desire to help others reach their place of healing and it also made me realize that I had endured more suffering than I needed to. In my life, I have naturally been a peacekeeper and been asked for advice by the people who know me best. It gives me satisfaction to help people reach a place of peace when they are struggling with something. I have worked in a gamut of settings that range from mental institutions to prisons, nonprofits, and private practice. I've recently completed EMDR therapy and that has been transformative for me as a therapist. I hope to empower my clients to tap into their healing and abandon anything that has been a hindrance to their healing process.

If you work with me, you can expect me to work hard to help you reach the goals we have set in therapy. My approach is eclectic and I welcome the feedback of those who give me the privilege of helping them deal with the hard things they have faced in life. I provide homework, as I find that homework helps to increase insight and expedite the healing process. I work best with adult clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, and adverse life circumstances that still have a negative impact on their functioning.

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