Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma or other traumatic experiences, self-esteem issues or just need someone to talk to without judgement, and help you manage life? If you've tried to push through and keep moving but you continue to experience mental and emotional distress, help is available from the comfort of where you are. Therapy can help any many ways to manage stress, building coping skills, improve your sense of self, and heal from past hurts and experiences. You've made the first step by researching therapist now, it's time to follow through. You've got this!

Hey, my name is Bertha Freeman-Barrett and I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I provide online therapy for all of Florida. My practice is based on the belief that everything we take in or Intake affects us in some way. From childhood experiences, family dynamics, relationships, religion, culture, society, and overall life situations. However, it's often the negative affects that linger and impact parts of our lives when we've not work through them.

My primary focus is on trauma, including childhood trauma that often grows with you if left untreated. Trauma has many components and often correlates with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and other mental and emotional factors but it can also affect you physically.

Therefore, I focus on the whole person because as humans there are intricate parts of ourselves that we sometimes fail to recognize. Every part of you mentally and physically plays a role in your mental and emotional wellness. Who you are is 99 percent internal and only 1 percent external. Therefore, I help my clients identify those parts of themselves that is negatively impacting them so they can learn how to cope and heal mentally and physically.

During therapy I help you work through unresolved issues that may also be contributing to other factors in your life you desire to change. I believe there is no one therapeutic intervention or modality that fits all so, my approach is integrative using CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, Spirituality, and others to help clients achieve holistic wellness. I believe is customizing my approach to therapy to each individual's needs.

If you are ready to connect the dots in your life, heal and rebuild, and achieve the wellness and peace you deserve contact me. I'm ready, when you are!

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